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About the Team

About Team 73335T

Team DogeYEET is a team from Taiwan, with members that are eager to enjoy and explore the amusement of VEX Robotics! Although all of the members come from different schools and different places, the passion for robotics remains the same!

The team was established at the start of June 2019 In the Dr. Player Robotics Lab, located in Taichung, Taiwan. Before knowing each other, each team member each went on to compete in a variety of robotics competitions with different teams before Team 73335T was established. The team was joined together by our coach, who thought that we should try out the VEX Robotics Competition, something that the coach and we have never experienced before.

At first, everyone knew nothing about each other. Nor does anybody know anything about VEX Robotics. However, within a few meetings, the members all know each other very well, and truly enjoys the building, designing, and programming by heart!

The team is now working on building a robot, programming the robot, and trying to excel in the 2019-2020 Tower Takeover Season to get an idea of how hard a real engineer would be working.

In the future, the team will most definitely be continued with the same team roster with a few newcomers, and would keep competing in the VRC competitions. The team will also consider competing in other robotics competitions together.

But all of these are not important. What is important is that every one of our team is to have fun in every moment of doing robotics, and ultimately becoming a better engineer through the process!

Team Roster

The members of team 73335T

Nick Lin


Andrew Liu

Chief Programmer

Henry Wei

Pro Robot Driver

Jerry Guo

Documenting Expert

Max Yu

Mechanism Expert

Coach & Mentor

The coach and mentor that keeps on supporting the team!